Semi-automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine Wide Mouth Bottle Blowing Machine Series uts Tea And Dried Fruit

· This semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has advantages of better price, good quality, high efficiency,good performance and simple operation. 

·What is common on the market is environmentally friendly plastics made of PET. The tubular plastic block obtained by the thermoplastic resin through squeezing or injection molding is placed in the division when the heat (or heating to softening). After closing the mold, the compressed air is injected into the mold cavity, so that the plastic mold cavity expansion and adheres to the inner wall of the mold. After cooling the mold, various hollow products are obtained.

· Suitable for mineral water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, tea drinks, cooking oil, cosmetics, detergent, Guangkou bottles and other PET bottles. It is the ideal choice for large beverage factories, mineral water companies, and PET packaging container suppliers.





    1. With advanced PLC control system, the performance is stable and outstanding. 
    2. Compact space design for convenience of mold-conversion, repairing, and maintenance. Also automatic feeding of conveyor belt.
    3. The heat penetration is strong and the preform receives even heat with self-rotating during the preheating process. Minimized transfer pitch for increasing heating efficiency and saving energy.
    4. This series of bottle blowing equipment is highly adaptable. By adjusting the distance between the lamp tube and the reflector, the preform can fully absorb heat. Equipped with an automatic constant temperature device, the temperature can be maintained within a certain range. 
    5. Intact rotating robot grip with linear guider for right access, rapid motion; reducing adjustment and maintenance time.
    6. Electronic inspector for ejecting faulty preform and bottles.
    7. Use different air pressure for blowing and machine operation, energy saving and environmental protection.Fast, safe, and accurate cam-controlled blowing wheel for providing the best bottles. 
    8. Through finite element analysis to optimize modular design for reducing machine wearingand moving inertia. Protection of low temperature cooling system. 
    9. Operating machine through touch panel; program protected by code lock.Protection of low temperature cooling system. 
    10. Thismachine is easy to install and start. Low scrap rate.





Product material



5 Gallon

Theoretical output



Mold plate dimension


Mold thickness


Clamping force


Machine size and weight

Main machine


Main machine weight




Heater weight





Auxiliary Equipment


Heating Part

1 – Adopt special electronic controlling circuit for heating, high efficiency in simultaneous controlling.
2 – one lamp or more, lower power consumption.
3 – The preform will be heated evenly, not be influenced by outside environment.
4- Cooling system with cold air cycle ensures same heat exposure of internal and external surface.


Blowing Part

1 – Short mould stroke, quick action.
2- Wide adaptability, suitable for every type mould thickness.
3 -Special design, high rigid compound die structure.
4 -High responsiveness pneumatic components, action timely and precisely.
* Small size, low investment. One person enough to operate, simple and safe.


Auxiliary Equipment

Flow chart of blowing machine is :
High Pressure Air Compressor — Air Tank — Air Filter — Air Dryer — Low Pressure Air Compressor — Air Filter — Full Automatic
Blow Moulding Machine — Mould — Water Chiller
All these equipment are available to take.


Bottle Design

1 – We offer free bottle design.

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PET Bottle Blowing Machine

PET Preforms→ heat preform→ stretch→ blowing→ bottles

Making bottles by blowing PET preforms, it is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, volume from 100 ml to 2000 ml.


Water Treatment System

Raw water pump (pump resource water)—sand filter (remove crude impurities)–active carbon (absorb organic matter, suspended solids)—precision filter (effectively reduce turbidity)–high pressure pump (press water into the filter membrane) — RO system (purify the water)–Ozone sterilizer –water tank


Mixing system

Syrup melting tank→ Syrup pump→ Syrup filter (to filter impurities)→ Beverage blending tank (mix ingredients with beverage)→ Beverage pump→ Double filter (remove impurities) → CO2 Beverage mixing machine (mix CO2 with beverage)→ Water chiller (bring down temperature for mixing)→ Plate style heat exchange(lower the temperature)→ Control cabinet


Filling Machine

Rinsing, filling and capping 3 functions together. Based on advanced technology overseas and designed according to the filling processing demands of juice, energy drink, hot beverages etc. It’s suitable for 200-2000ml plastic bottles.


Bottle Warmer

The bottle warmer is designed for eliminate the condensation water caused by low temperature filling on the bottles, making it convenient for later coding, labeling, packing, etc.


Labeling Machine

This machine is used for beverage bottle labeling. It uses PVC label to shrink on the Shrink sleeve labeling, Adhesive labeling, OPP labeling are available.


Packing Machine

Shrink film wrapping machine, case packing machine, cardboard wrapping machine, half-tray packing machine are available.

VIP Cases

PET and Glass Bottling Line in Turkmenistan5 Lines: Tanzania Beverage/ Water Turn-key ProjectGhana Integrated Water and Carbonated Drink Production

Carbonated Drinks Plant— 4000BPH PET Bottle & 4000BPH Glass Bottle


8000bph small bottle water line & 4000bph carbonated drinks line & 2000bph Gin Wine line & 6L 12L Big Bottle Water Line & 5 Gallon Water Line

Dar es salaam , Tanzania

Integrated Water & Beverage plant: 12000 BPH Water & 6000 BPH Carbonated Drink

Accra, Ghana


The production period is 30-60 working days after we confirmed your bottle and cap samples. If your machinery is customized, then may take a little longer.

We have a professional technical team to diagnose the cause of failure for you through online video, teach your workers how to replace spare parts, and you can also purchase new spare parts as inventory through our after-sales team.

Normally 30% advance payment and 70% balance payment before shipment by TT or L/C based on FOB/CIF/CFR/EXW/DDP/DAP.

Yes,of course. We have various certificates issued by authoritative organizations such as ISO9001, SGS, CE, SONCAP, etc.

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