Half Tray with PE Film Automatic Packing Machine

Whole half tray wrapping machine has Compact & artistic shape. The frame of this half tray wrapping machine is novel, unique. Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film.

adopt to PLC and touch screen controlling, Auto move method, touch screen have full half tray machine manipulation function, can display instant and accumulated package quantity, and enable can print with the connected printer

Suitable for Beer, Bottle water, Medical, food. automatic half tray wrapping machines widely use in round , square, triangle bottles etc.




Suitable for Beer, Bottle water, Medical, food. automatic half tray wrapping machines widely use in round , square, triangle bottles etc.

√√ Application:plastic, glass bottles/Cans
√√ Capacity:12-15PKG/Min Warranty:24 Months
√√ Novel Structure, classic shape, electronic induction film transport
√√ Servo motor, auto bottle push action, synchronization of product and film action
√√ Low consumption, failure rate reduced to 0.5%
√√Circular air supply technology, multi-directional air flow control
√√ Precise synchronization transmission for the in and out action, improve efficiency
√√ Energy Saving technology, up to 30% consumption saving


Equipment Name

Half Tray with film packing machine

Applicable Container

Plastic bottle, Glass bottle, Tins and Cans

Product Size



12-15 packages/min

Machine Dimension(L*W*H)





1000 KG


Machine Frame



Control System

Setting procedure of half tray wrapping machine is more quick and precise

Controlling panel adopt to electronics touch and control button controlling, can directly input and revise package type parameter, also can save different package specification parameter, timely supervise facility operation whole process


Safety Control

All the working procedure all have sensor checker, have ego diagnose function, if have any breakdown, facility of this half tray wrap machine will auto stop, display breakdown type indication on the touch screen


Mechanism Part

Mechanism spare parts adopt to stainless steel, chroming steel and strong anti-corrode character aluminum alloy ect material; surface good quality spray printing, whole half tray wrapping machine have strong anti-rust character


Smooth Transmission

Common type reducer motor matching frequency transducer, whole half tray wrapping machine limitless speed adjust, move transmission is very steadily; can as above situation change, auto control machine movement speed.


High Quality Components

Equipped with world’s most advanced control components from Siemens in German, P+F in German, SMC in Japan and Motor Leo in Italy. The equipment of this half tray wrapping machine is excellent and the working condition is steady.

Client & Us

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