5 easy steps to lead you to success

Have you already thought of a delicious carbonated drink in your mind? You’re excited to introduce it to your friends, who think it’s awesome and desperately want your carbonated beverage to go into production, and they think it’ll definitely be a hit on supermarket shelves. So the question is, how to quickly realize your dream? How to start a carbonated beverage company?

Change what the world is drinking by following 5 steps:

Step 1: Carbonated Drink Formulation

Your carbonated drink formation may not be so mature, you can crafting a commercial formulation by cooperating with a beverage lab.


Step 2: Capital Support

Looking for some partners or getting loan from the bank.


Step 3: Company Registration & Plant Land Lease

Make a call with your local government to confirm which documents shall be prepared to set up a carbonated beverage company, and at the same time, rent a land or plant to lay out production machinery.


Step 4: Find a Professional Supplier

Reliable Machinery has 15 years experience in producing Water&Beverage Filling Packing Machinery in China. Reliable Machinery can make a A-Z Turnkey project service for your carbonated beverage production.

Water Treatment System (including RO filter)  Carbonated Drink Mixing System  PET Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine  Carbonated Beverage 3 in 1 Washing Filling Capping Machine → Light Checker → Bottle Dryer → Labeling Machine (Self-adhesive sticker/Shrink sleeve/hot-melt glue OPP labeling machines) → PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

 Application: Pure Mineral Water Filling / CSD Filling / Juice Filling / Wine Filling / Beer Filling with plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans.


Step 5: Machinery Installation & Beverage Mass Production

Reliable Machinery has established overseas offices in Dubai and Rwanda. A professional after-sales engineers team is always waiting for serve customers such as machine installation, machine testing, operators&engineers training, technological upgrading and so on.

Formulation? Check. Capital? Check. Company registration & Working plant? Check. A processional supplier? Double check! It must be Reliable Machinery.

We are here waiting for you to make your carbonated beverage dream come true!




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