2017 : 10000 BPH small bottle & 1200 BPH 5 gallon Water Plant in Dubai-UAE

1.Establish Connection & Joint Hands

In December, 2017 the customer was introduced by a friend and learned that our product is very stable and has been used for many years, so he visited our website and finally got in touch. In our communication we learned that the client wanted to build a comprehensive large water plant. And we finally made the order in after 5 months discussion.

2.Attention to Details & Integrated Design Services

Reliable Pursues Excellence in Designs — Integrated bottle shape, layout plan, label, pipeline design.

3.Manufacture Tracking & Quality Control

Each equipment is custom manufactured on the basis of customer’s factory voltage and bottle sizes, production under the supervision of the quality inspection department, strictly guarantee the quality of each machine.

4.Testing & Delivery

After 7 months of production tracking, we finally conducted loading and delivered in August 2018. Reliable always focus on the high quality production tracking and follow strict manufacture time line. We make sure that everything is under control and also make it one-time delivery for clients.

5.Continuous Service & Engineer On-site Installation

Reliable Machinery dispatched professional Chinese engineers to carry out the initial installation and

commissioning during November 2018. With the effort from all the parties we successfully launched this project and finally put into production and sale.

6.Line Assessment & Upgrading

A grand full automatic Dubai water production now put into production for many years. After we Reliable Machinery help in installation and adjustment the factory is running well and already take up a great market share in Dubai now. We are also happy to see the factory running so well, and will always back up the client for any further after-sale request.

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